Artist with Heart

Art is a valuable service to the world and yet we need to actualize our humanity in order to see the best in it. God gave us our emotions to be able to experience so many things more completely and for me art is one of those things. After finally admitting to myself that I am an artist it became necessary to share that idea with other artists and other concerned humans. When I created art  work in the past it was just for me and it still is however there is that eating habit to be delt with and so from today I will offer my art. My work is religious and political and sometimes fun. Some of my ideas can be seen in my Gallery page on this site. So where will this blog go? That remains to be seen, but the most important thing is my hope for all people to blossom and become the person they were always meant to be fully realized. My primary path is clay but I also paint and draw sometimes. Being in an MFA program will do that to you.

God Bless



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