Art Unexpected

So many days I walk into the studio with a plan and it actually happens as planned, sometimes even better but today wa not one of those days. God had a different plan which is surprising with final crits just 5 days away. So many kilns to load with last minute student work made progress impossible in the sense of real productivity byt a few conversations with worthy advisors made up for thetime after all. There is so much to learn and so much to say about my work. I have been told I am not really current with the Holocaust as my focus and yet almost daily there are news paper articles about some aspect of the atrosities of all those years ago. Passion for ones subject make the generation of ideas more fluid and for me the flood gates are open. Some years ago I learned about a place in Luthuania called Pikelen. It was a Jewish village during the war that was scraped off the map by the Nazi zeitgeist. apparently I had distant reletives that did not survive and one might think I speak up for them but that is only half the story. I speak up against genocide in general, the most recent episodes took place in Libya. Man just cannot seem to stop himself once he gets going. So speak up people, change the world, Lord knows we need positive change which is why art is so available as a force for good,


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