Crits Crits Crits So whats a Crit?

Well final crits are over for now and they always leave me a little  upsied down even if they are super positive. This time however it was a mixed bag. On the one hand The feeling seems ot be that my Holocaust work has grown beyond the original concept adn on the other hand one member of the crit team seemed to believe I was exploiting the victims if I use their photographs as part of an installation which was very upsetting to her. Naturally I do not wan t anyone too upset. That is not the goal. The goal is to teach people not to ever forget the past atrocities. If we do not remember then we will repeat the past. Even now in this day and age rockets rain down on Israel. There are those who would see the Holocaust resurected for evil rather than remembering and honoring the victims, the innocent victims. Surely art is supposed to be moving in some way and it may bring joy or tears but that is the job of the artist, to be the gadfly. Socrates was the gadfly of the ancients and they eventually murdered him for it. Let us hope this is not the case with me.   Thanks for listening.




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