Art continues as the year ends.

Donald Judd said “Its art because I say it is,” and Richard Serra said ” Its art because others tell me it is. So there you have it. Art is what you make or what you make of it.Passion is the key, not contrivance. When you feel the burden that art lays on you and you carry it to its many conclusions it is likely that you may come to the end of yourself and then get the chance to start all over again. It is like the ripples in the pond when you throw a stone in, the shapes are never the same as the initial kerplop. The changing shapes are continuous. Only the ripples in the Zen garden remain the same until someone creates anew with the rake, so perhaps art is like the rake(not the leaf blower).No matter the medium and I like to experience all I can, I just can’t stop now that I have admitted to being an artist. Its like I was the last to know that I am the gardener. So as the year ends and the Holidays are upon us use your God given talents to create art to sell and art to give away. Pray for new horizons. Merry Christmas, Happy Channuka, and Happy New Year.


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