On Christmas Day in the Morning

Merry Christmas on Christmas Day in the Morning,

Well I have already had my sunrise Christmas walk down here in Sunny Florida and as an artist I naturally collected a bunch of photographs for future art works. I like to sketch but with the sun on the rise and so many things to see, the camera works for me like a race horse. I whirl around like mad looking at everyting to find lights,shadows, birds and water. Of course I was greeted by a golf course duck with a wagging tail. Good thing he could not read my mind. Yes good morning I said to him, wondering if he would be tasty, nah I thought, not on the back nine. Besides so much to do, I had to run back and make this post. My most exciting photograph might be a Heron in flight but I shall wait until I return ot NY for that. Mean while, no matter what Holiday you celebrate this time of year , do it with love. Listen with love, think with love, and speak with love.  Oh yes, Make art with love.

God Bless


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