Changing Self and Others

Recently a friend wrote me in desperate straights and I thought about my reply and then I wrote :I know I already replied to this long ago but was looking it over again. I may have mentioned , or not, that were it not for my needing pt for an old accident long ago then my PT would never have seen me reading my bible and would never have joined my church and also her husband who came over from the PI and now their new baby. So who knows who we are ministering to at any moment where ever we are. As to feeling like the dumbest women on the planet, yeah me too but faith is hard. Especially now. Any times I thought oh ya know it is just a crutch, but I have seen too much but as a human I forget those things when I should be writing them on the wall because out of sight, out of mind. I know Charles Stanley says write them in your bible but why not write them on the wall. Who knows who might visit and see your wall and be changed by it. Nowadays one could have it on the electronic rotating pic frame in the living room but I think hand written  is the best.  Stuff to consider.

God Bless


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