Family museum

I just returned from a visit with family and what I call the family art museum. When I was very young I observed alot of painting at home. I saw everything from cubism to colorfield painting yet I had no idea of the impact it would have upon me until years later. During that time I stretched a lot of canvas over many homemade stretchers. I thought it was mindless work at the time but meaningful now some 40 years later. My father always made sure the stretchers were well made, strong, and square. I suppose I learned alot about fabrication, so perhaps it was not so mindless after all. (mmm, personal reflection moment) In addition to the colorfield work (thank you Helen Frankenthaler, just passed away) the work expanded into encaustic and collage with a little impasto added to thicken things up.  All through the years from childhood I had many jobs and never realized the influence of living through all those days of canvas and paint. I did my own kind of art in metal and ceramic and engineering but without gobs of  formal training. Yes I had a few lessons from Mom as she was an art teacher and made some drawings and paintings but without the kind of understanding that comes from formal exposure to the esoteric field of art. I once heard a teacher say anyone can look at a painting and interpret its meaning. After my formal art initiation I sharply disagree and I have the bumps and bruises from inadequet interpretive answers during art history classes to prove it. Even though I was raised with art I had no idea what I had absorbed until the last few years. It is one thing to study Cezan or Matisse, but quite another to suddenly ‘see’ the works created by ones own Mom and actually begin to perceive their contents. As I go to “The Museum” quite regularly, I discover the depth of the works. Had I not had the formal I might have missed the familial. So each time I see the works, I say to myself, “Where did that part or that color come from, I don’t remember it being there before.” The more I admit to accepting myself as an artist and following in the family footsteps the more my eyes are opening. Looking back 5 years or so at a ceramic flower container I made, I noticed that it was entirely influenced by my Mother’s unique colorfield and mulberry paper work. I hope this unfolding, this awakening continues forever, I have so much to learn and there is so much to do.


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