More museum memories from the artist

When I posted the museum piece I received a phone call from the artist, the mom with many more things of importance. The first of which was about getting glitter all over the place when my brother and I were learning to become fine artists at about age 5. Not so budding but lots of fun. I remember mostly solid blue, green, and red along with elmer’s glue. We did not have the wild combinations of today, but we had fun anyway. On the flipside the artist was moving through a cubist phase and into a colorfield phase which was better in summer than winter. You see in summer she stood in the garage with the door open(good ventilation practice,) squirting liquified oil paint and turpentine mixtures with teaser bottles onto the canvases and rocking them back and forth to control the pools of paint. I guess she had a plan but as I said earlier , I just didn’t get it. She also took me to Moma  a few years later and I definately didn’t get it. More about that in the future. There was only one major problem with summer painting and it was the smoking. I remember seeing a film about Jackson Pollock with a cigarette creating a painting  and really hoped she hadn’t kept the two together for arts sake. The combination of turps and smoke just is not healthy. In the fall she moved back to the basement and filled up the house with fumes. One day when I was a little older I came down to her work area, I never thought to call it a studio, and the place was thick with fumes . As I gazed at the oil burner  I thought mmmm well if that thing starts up now we both might get a tour of the roof so I installed a large exhaust fan in the window. When winter set in I came down again and found she hadn’t turned on the fan. She reminded me of the severe scolding I gave her about not using the fan so I turned it on, Whew, dodged that bullet. Some people said the fumes would not ingite but better safe than sorry. Years later there was a fellow lacquering a gym floor and someone dropped a lit cigarette at the end of the hall and caused a flash fire so maybe my fears were justified after all. Unfortunatly all I could do was suck the smoke and fumes out of the room, not out of her. Now she is battling lung cancer. So smoking is just not a good thing and you can do it all without it. Just remember be like the Karate Kid, “Breathe in, Breathe out.” 

God Bless


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