Efforts in Between

One minute the steam roller of thought and art production is flatening everything in its path as the semester rolls on and the next minute the semester ends and there is the in between. One almost always tries to make use of the in betweens by finalizing the semester’s projects and executing a few quick pieces before the demands of the new semester take hold but then there is life and its uncanny ability to throw you a curve. That usually stops up all your plans like a clogged drain. Rather than get the plunger it is sometimes better to let the back up fill until it gets deeper and deeper, thus developing a greater pool of imagination to draw from when the time is right. Most recently this situation crossed my path and the clog really backed up the planning mechanism. While away on a short trip out-of-state a new approach hit me and the sketching began. Much to my surprise a little sketch which was intended to be a set up for a full room installation became a great 2 d  painting on its own. Quite by chance I began to apply hatching and cross hatching to areas in the work to differentiate the planes and that might have been it until I thought of Joseph Albers and is color ideas. That caused me to begin to apply subtle colors over the hatching. Finally i applied shadowing in the form of violet pencil strokes. It was at that point that I realized that all my underpainting techniques had been applied right under my nose without realizing it. Strange how art foundations support you when you least expect it.


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