To Be Or Not

The path to becoming a practicing artist is fraught with pitfalls. Some are certainly market related and others are economy related. These we have very little control over as that is the world of 2012. Perhaps the other key factors are the support we give ourselves internally and the support others provide other than financial. These helps that we can come to rely on are really very necessary as a decided confidence in ability is established but they can be dangerous. Just as often as support is there it can be withdrawn from the intended direction. This is potentially devastating but if we believe God has a plan than we must look for the silver lining. In the case of this artist swapping one medium for another is at least a partial solution. Learning to work alone is also helpful if one is used to the presence of a large social network. This is a direction to take when there seems no other so for the time being I will go back to painting and leave the mud be. Perhaps the change of pace will be benificial in the long run although getting used ot the unpleasentness on the outside ot he cloud will remain dicy for a while to be sure.

God Bless


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2 Responses to To Be Or Not

  1. project1979 says:

    Yes, the path is difficult-but you have got it! Go for it! It’s the conflict and struggle that helps us artists to clarify how badly we need to communicate through our art. I like your blog!

    • marcisaacs says:

      Thanks in all respects. Yes I know I have some talent there but if I am not careful it can get lost in the shuffle. Since I just had a crit and apparently need to clarify my intentions in my work, I will ask you this almost unanswerable question. Where lays the tipping point between being too overt and giving just enough information in the visuals to get the point across? I mean my current work is on the holocaust and I am trying to avoid using the star of david as an overt symbol but it is iconic…
      There you have it, sorry for the delay in replying.

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