Choosing a Historical metaphor for personal suffering without premeditation.

Sometimes the reason for an artist to go down a certain path during artmaking is fully straightforward, this of course given that we as humans hardly ever know our  own motivations. In reviewing my last crit with some suspicions about the real content I spoke to many and prayed alot. There is so much right in front of our faces that we can’t see the forest through the trees when it comes to the promptings of our inner muse. It is possible to rail and resist against almost anything rather than take a look in the mirror without our rose colored glasses. Quite recently I caught myself without the glasses and realized my subconscious had been tapping me for a while but I was ignoring the obvious connection between my Holocast work and my own personal suffering from automobile accidents. Now that I am awake I shall endeavor to untangle the knot between the historical from from past and the historical from the internal.

God Bless.


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