Armory 2012 Volta 2012

After cruising through the shows this year I was amazed at the turnout. It seemed light and I wonder why. Perhaps I must be getting used to it. I also noticed several things from years gone by and dealers in their usual locations. I must really be getting used to it. Naturally alot of flat wall work and some sculpture of note but almost no ceramics at all. This is not the best news for alot of my work. Many of my fellow artists also work in ceramics as sculptors and potters yet there was a clear underepresentation at the armory for example. The quality of many artists work did generate the feeling that ceramic work could be there in the form of quality conceptual and wall works.  This year  I carried a catalog around the armory show and wow was it heavy. I guess VIP passes have up and down sides. On the up, relaxing in the VIP lounge and on the down , the prices . The other up, alot of great art to inspire and educate. As I was looking at so many things after so many years producing art I wonder where art is going. One of my musician friends is applying for a music grant and he asked me how arts are important. I told him to wonder what would your life be like with no arts of any kind. No art on your  walls,no TV, no fancy phones, no apps, no stereos because , no need, no music halls, no theater, no fine architecture no fancy bridges etc. So without the arts a community slowly starves to death. Math yeilds 2+2 = 4 every day but the arts yeild 2+2 = 4 today, and something different yesterday and yet something different for all of our tomorrows. We need both but the arts elevate and release a basic need in us. American Indian leather storage pouches are decorated with bead work, but why? A plain bag would store things just as well. It is a basic human need to decorate and record things as in the cave paintings. This need is so powerful that some cultures create figures to worship while others strictly forbid it. Lastly of all the persons named specifically by God in the Bible, namely the prophets, there was a man called by name to oversee the decoration of the temple. So artists have a very high calling indeed. So I ask again. Where is art going? I like to appreciate as much as I can but frankly still find some “forms” elusive. Some I outright deny, such as art that is made for shock alone without social value. Such work is like comedians who can’t get a laugh without “colorful” language. The money is in the pure comedy, just ask Chris Rock, he said just look at my house and look at Seinfeld’s house for the answer. So is the money in pure art? Look around and decide for your self.

God Bless


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