The Influence of Your Muse

Coming to grips with your muse is easier once you understand who has whom. no matter how long you are making art in your chosen medium whether print, music, or in the visual arts there is always the force which propels. Again the main question is one of ownership. The secondary one is what does your muse drive you to say.

I know and follow the works and blogs of manywho just sit down and out comes the flow. They are indeed reckoning with the flow of the muse and basking within it.

 I have enjoyed many media in my attempts to move forward and yet there always seems to be the muse over looking the work. This  might lead one to think of a flesh and blood person but for me this is only partially true. Of course there is my almost constant need to capture the essence of the great statesman Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill whom I have come to know by reputation, books,his speeches, photographs and the paintings and sculptures created by others, as well as his own masterful command of the English language and I am thirsty for more. Yet I did not meet him but sorely wished I had. I want to get into his skin so to speak and walk around and discover how a man who suffered from  depression and other human foibles could set them aside and become all that the Western world needed  to defeat the evil that so threatened us during the last great war. Through it all he produced almost countless articles and books of enormous size. All of this to support his way of life and family. During all of that he managed to take up painting or bricklaying or massive lanscaping projects and the occasional whiskey soda and so i find him and his energy worthy of investigation. We need such a man now  and yet there are none.

Over my shoulder looking upon me constantly is the other source which pushes and although there are no photographs there are many interpretetations by artists who have sought to display their message. It is Christ I speak of. There are lots of artworks that attempt to depict the savior followed by so many and yet the only way to manage to get to know Him is in a similar way to the way we study others,  autobiography. Winston’s books about his early life fill us with the stuff we now need if the world is to produce another like him. He harnessed the English language and sent it out to fight. I have to wonder how we as artists may take our works and send them out to fight. God’s personality is available through His Word and unlike my muse Winston, through prayer. Therefore, again, who owns whom? So it is back to painting and the current bust of Churchill that hold’s my hand busy, but first a little time with my other muse.


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