Does a Bird need and Ornithologist to know its a bird?

It is a strange question indeed but at a certain point in my art  it became a valid and important question. I make work most days and would like to make even more however I have begun to notice that although I wish to fly free like the bird without a second or third thought , of late it has been a real challenge. While working on my MFA with a true thirst for flying the art trail I have been bombarded with the academic idea of becoming a professional artist. Certainly its a worthy goal but as one who has been away from the art flow for a while it is marginally illusive and tends to create more of the ornithologist than the freebird. Surely the current art climate is very different from the old days yet one still has to produce but its a bit tricky where art for arts sake almost has to take a back seat to the Conceptual driver.It is therefore difficult to rise above the din without some key for firing the ornithologist or at least clipping the ball and chain off the bird. I am open to suggestions during this bumpy time. Feel free to chime in as I know it would probably help others as well.

The Gadfly


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