Testing Wings Brings Healing

The Semester has drawn to a close. Now being laid out with the flu I have had time to reflect further upon the contents of my last post. Well its been far too long, but quite necessary, as art is so much more difficult than science, to resolve the question regarding flying free. The more I ponder the mystery the  more it unravels like the thread of a really big carpet.  Nothing significant for a long time then when your almost back to the beginning of it all the truth is revealed to a tap yourself on the forehead, eureaka.

       The answer could have become obvious sooner if the mind was open to hear, and then allow, investigation into the comments of peers and teachers as helpful components. Listening alone is not sufficient to trigger the fireworks. Of course when my mind was finally ready to put the pieces together was the only right time.

       As I looked over the work of Isamu Noguchi recently, I thought, I have seen all this before a long time ago and its still good but so what, how does that help solve the riddle. Then I compared the variety with the “body of work” MFA ideas and there it was. The two were not the same. Noguchi was himself and I was not, which is not to say I was not he, I was not me. Ah closer to the answer, absolutely. When I was young I just fabricated whatever came to mind, bingo, freedom, but what to do with that spark now if it still exists. It is a matter of grasping all that formal knowlege and mixing it with that old clean pure know how, plus the child-like facination with this new planetary home.

      I often ask kids how long they have been on earth and without hesitation they state their age. Its like they know they are not from here and that helps to fuel the need for acclamation through exploration and creativity. This is the valuable secret missing ingredient that, added to skilled hands can really produce fuel for the journey down the path. This freedom became gestural, and thus releasing for me as I looked at a photograph of Noguchi working away at an amorphic sculpture and found myself mentally and  physically running my hands over the piece. Simpatico, yes it felt like running my hands over my work, it was altogether viceral, and design aside, triggered the “OK” to free the bird.

       Is that it, I asked myself or is there another component or two? Two perhaps, one is critical mass, as in nuclear critical mass. When so much builds up that it can not be disapated, but can only cause a chain reaction of amazing production, grab the brushes, the tools, something, and hang on. The other is the hardest of all, finish the work! This finishing aspect was a nemisis as a child. It made my parents crazy. So much was left undone but I attributed that to having completed my exploration into the matter. Now however it is more necessary to finish for finish sake, that the item may tell its whole story and perhaps be able to put up for sale. If there is another reason for not finishing besides just being a little blocked on how to proceed then thats not good for at this point it remains unknown.Meanwhile as the next few months of the final semester of my MFA go by, I stand poised with the bolt cutters on the chain.


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