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The Influence of Your Muse

Coming to grips with your muse is easier once you understand who has whom. no matter how long you are making art in your chosen medium whether print, music, or in the visual arts there is always the force which … Continue reading

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Choosing a Historical metaphor for personal suffering without premeditation.

Sometimes the reason for an artist to go down a certain path during artmaking is fully straightforward, this of course given that we as humans hardly ever know our  own motivations. In reviewing my last crit with some suspicions about … Continue reading

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What Do You See?

In a recent crit I heard feedback which suggested that my intent was not clear in this piece. Perhaps, however it is difficult at best to find the tipping point between between being too obvious and too ambiguous. Many argue … Continue reading

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To Be Or Not

The path to becoming a practicing artist is fraught with pitfalls. Some are certainly market related and others are economy related. These we have very little control over as that is the world of 2012. Perhaps the other key factors are the … Continue reading

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Changing Self and Others

Recently a friend wrote me in desperate straights and I thought about my reply and then I wrote :I know I already replied to this long ago but was looking it over again. I may have mentioned , or not, … Continue reading

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